Manage Your Finances with Kangourou

Kangourou is an application for managing and tracking your income and spending.

It's Awesome

It’s never been this simple before! The more you know about your money, the better you manage and save it. Make better use of your income, starting today!


See how your money comes in and out, and it won't vanish.


Set goals and priorities to improve your spending habits.


Make sure you have more money left for bigger purchases.

It's Free

We won’t become another line in your spending sheet. Kangourou is free and always will be.

It Has Cool Features

Kangourou is super easy to use and gives you the most detailed information about your spending habits, along with great tips and vivid visuals.


We hate looking for a button for ages; you want have to do it here.


You'll find the section you need in a glance due to the vivid visuals.


All your data is visualized, so you don't have to deal with numbers.

Detailed Report

You'll get a detailed report on your spending habits every month.

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