Who We Are

We’re a team of people who met at an anonymous meeting of money wasters. We figured that all existing apps and hacks can’t save us, and so we designed our own system of getting our finances under control. And it’s time to share the system with everyone for free.

Deborah Adams

iOS developer

Haris Daniels

Android developer

Erik Chapman

UI designer

Maisy Morgan

UX designer

Kaitlyn Reese

Financial consultant

Lewis Torres

Customer care agent

How It Works

It’s as simple as it can be. You track what you earn and what you spend, and the app points the disturbing spending patterns to you, giving off some personalized tips based on your data.

Step 1

Add an account

Step 2

Upload transaction history

Step 3

Learn about your expenses

It Has Cool Features

Kangourou is super easy to use and gives you the most detailed information about your spending habits, along with great tips and vivid visuals.


We hate looking for a button for ages; you want have to do it here.

Eye-Catching Interface

You'll find the section you need in a glance due to the vivid visuals.


All your data is visualized, so you don't have to deal with numbers.

Detailed Report

You'll get a detailed report on your spending habits every month.

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